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The ABC of It:
Why Children’s Books Matter
The ABC of It

Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao’s
New York: Assembled Realities
Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao

Urban Street Design Guide
FDR4Freedoms Website

The life, times, and vision
of Franklin D. Roosevelt
FDR4Freedoms Website
Our projects
City as Canvas  <br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York</span>

City as Canvas
Museum of the
City of New York

Keep Calm and Carry On <br/><span class="sub">Norton Museum of Art</span>

Keep Calm and Carry On
Norton Museum of Art

Gabriel Orozco: Natural Motion <br/><span class="sub">Moderna Museet<br/>Kunsthaus Bregenz</span>

Gabriel Orozco: Natural Motion
Moderna Museet
Kunsthaus Bregenz

Design Like You Give a Damn <br/><span class="sub">Metropolis Books</span>

Design Like You Give a Damn
Metropolis Books

Capital of Capital<br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York</span>

Capital of Capital
Museum of the
City of New York

Eye On Europe <br/><span class="sub">Museum of Modern Art</span>

Eye On Europe
Museum of Modern Art

Obituaries <br/><span class="sub">Buchhandlung Walther König</span>

Buchhandlung Walther König

Make it Fabulous <br/><span class="sub"> The Monacelli Press</span>

Make it Fabulous
The Monacelli Press

2013 California–Pacific Triennial <br/><span class="sub">Orange County Museum of Art</span>

2013 California–Pacific Triennial
Orange County Museum of Art

Cecil Beaton <br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York</span>

Cecil Beaton
Museum of the
City of New York

Gabriel Orozco <br/><span class="sub">Museum of Modern Art</span>

Gabriel Orozco
Museum of Modern Art

The Mythic City <br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York</span>

The Mythic City
Museum of the
City of New York

Cars, Culture and the City

Cars, Culture and the City

Thomas Demand <br/><span class="sub">PKM Trinity Gallery</span>

Thomas Demand
PKM Trinity Gallery

Blow-Up <br/><span class="sub">Distributed Art Publishers</span>

Distributed Art Publishers

Lillian Bassman <br/><span class="sub">Umbrage Editions</span>

Lillian Bassman
Umbrage Editions

Paris / New York <br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York</span>

Paris / New York
Museum of the
City of New York

Sonia Delaunay <br/><span class="sub">Cooper-Hewitt, <br/>National Design Museum</span>

Sonia Delaunay
National Design Museum

C.Z. Guest <br/><span class="sub">Rizzoli</span>

C.Z. Guest

Fashioning Felt <br/><span class="sub">Cooper-Hewitt, <br/>National Design Museum</span>

Fashioning Felt
National Design Museum

On Becoming an Artist <br/><span class="sub">The Noguchi Museum</span>

On Becoming an Artist
The Noguchi Museum

Type Directors Club Annual <br/><span class="sub">Type Directors Club,<br/>Collins Publishing</span>

Type Directors Club Annual
Type Directors Club,
Collins Publishing

Poetics of Place <br/><span class="sub">Umbrage Editions</span>

Poetics of Place
Umbrage Editions

Aernout Mik <br/><span class="sub">New Museum for <br/>Contemporary Art</span>

Aernout Mik
New Museum for
Contemporary Art

THINK New York <br/><span class="sub">Rafael Viñoly Architects</span>

THINK New York
Rafael Viñoly Architects

The <em>Real</em> Republican Dictionary <br/><span class="sub">Ig Publishing</span>

The Real Republican Dictionary
Ig Publishing

Big and Green <br/><span class="sub">National Building Museum</span>

Big and Green
National Building Museum

Facing Fascism <br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York</span>

Facing Fascism
Museum of the
City of New York

José Antonio Hernández-Diez <br/><span class="sub">New Museum<br/> for Contemporary Art</br>

José Antonio Hernández-Diez
New Museum
for Contemporary Art

Stephen Burrows <br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York, <br/>Rizzoli</span>

Stephen Burrows
Museum of the
City of New York,

Noguchi | Graham <br/><span class="sub">The Noguchi Museum,<br/> and  Sculpture Garden</span>

Noguchi | Graham
The Noguchi Museum,
and Sculpture Garden

Living Inside the Grid <br/><span class="sub">New Museum</br>

Living Inside the Grid
New Museum

Design Like You<br/> Give a Damn 2 <br/><span class="sub">Architecture for Humanity,<br/> Abrams</span>

Design Like You
Give a Damn 2
Architecture for Humanity,

Only in New York <br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York</span>

Only in New York
Museum of the
City of New York

The Green House <br/><span class="sub">National Building Museum, <br/>Princeton Architectural Press</span>

The Green House
National Building Museum,
Princeton Architectural Press

Lucien Freud <br/><span class="sub">Museum of Modern Art</span>

Lucien Freud
Museum of Modern Art

Dutch New York <br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York</span>

Dutch New York
Museum of the
City of New York

Ansichts Sachen | Viewing Matters <br/><span class="sub">Richter Verlag</span>

Ansichts Sachen | Viewing Matters
Richter Verlag

Mayor John Lindsay <br/><span class="sub">Museum of the <br/>City of New York</span>

Mayor John Lindsay
Museum of the
City of New York

Artists & Prints <br/><span class="sub">Museum of Modern Art</span>

Artists & Prints
Museum of Modern Art

Joan Jonas <br/><span class="sub">Queens Museum of Art</span>

Joan Jonas
Queens Museum of Art

Arturo Herrera: You Go First <br/><span class="sub">Distributed Art Publishers</span>

Arturo Herrera: You Go First
Distributed Art Publishers

Cities from the Sky <br/><span class="sub">Thomas J. Campanella</span>

Cities from the Sky
Thomas J. Campanella

Noguchi: Master Sculptor <br/><span class="sub">The Hirshhorn Museum<br/> and Sculpture Garden</span>

Noguchi: Master Sculptor
The Hirshhorn Museum
and Sculpture Garden

Shoot the Family <br/><span class="sub">iCI independent <br/>Curators International</span>

Shoot the Family
iCI independent
Curators International

Guillermo Kuitca <br/><span class="sub">Hirshhorn Museum<br/> and Sculpture Garden</span>

Guillermo Kuitca
Hirshhorn Museum
and Sculpture Garden

The Contemporary Guesthouse <br/><span class="sub">Edizioni Press</span>

The Contemporary Guesthouse
Edizioni Press

FDA at Irvine <br/><span class="sub">Edizioni Press</span>

FDA at Irvine
Edizioni Press

New York Interrupted <br/><span class="sub">PKM Gallery</span>

New York Interrupted
PKM Gallery

Subterranea <br/><span class="sub">Umbrage Editions</span>

Umbrage Editions

A multidisciplinary design studio
We are committed to working on projects that enrich communities, so we choose to work primarily with cultural and civic institutions. Many of our projects involve curators, artists, architects, urban planners and writers who have strong aesthetic or editorial visions, which we help interpret in smart and accessible ways. —Paul Carlos

Our strength involves using interactional and contributory skills to create content-rich narratives, experiences and environments. We believe ideas that are both formally and explicitly articulated—and also embodied by design—appeal to and engage diverse audiences in more meaningful ways. Said another way, it is an approach to design that goes beyond surface. Our process draws on the content, context and goals of a project, and is informed by our knowledge of cultural and social histories and public policies. —Urshula Barbour

Working closely with our clients—museums, city agencies, institutions, publishers, architects, engineers, industrial designers, and urban planners—we craft solutions to
convey complex information clearly, for both experts and
lay people alike.

We believe effective design is a process that develops by understanding a client’s goals, a thorough review of the content, awareness of project’s context, and anticipating the end-user’s needs.

Utilizing typographic systems, imagery, media and infographics, we specialize in the transformation
of content to communicate in ways both legible and appealing for the analog, multisensory, and digital realms.

The studio’s projects have been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Metropolis, Newsweek
and Time magazines and numerous design annuals, blogs and magazines.

Urshula Barbour
Urshula’s approach to design is informed by a multidisciplinary background that includes architecture, anthropology, communications, public policy and social history. Her background serves well P+A’s diverse projects and clients—they include archives, architects, artists, city agencies, foundations, libraries, magazines, museums, publishers, and universities.

Prior to founding P+A she was a research fellow at the Center for Women in Government, SUNY, Albany, writing and organizing summits on asset accumulation and food security in low-income communities. Urshula has also written for I.D. and Print magazines. She has taught at CCNY, The Cooper Union, Parsons and Pratt and has been a speaker at CFA/AIANY, Columbia University, NeoCon, NYU’s Integrated Technology Program, Sotheby’s Institute, SUNY Binghamton, Tufts, and Yale.

Urshula received an MA from the New School Graduate Faculty, an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BFA in General Studies from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

Paul Carlos
Prior to founding P+A, Paul was the art director of
Interiors magazine, and a design associate at Design/Writing/Research and Donovan & Green.

He is an adjunct faculty member at Parsons, The New School for Design, and has also taught at The Cooper Union and the Maryland Institute, College of Art. Paul served as a juror for the Society of Publication Designers and I.D. magazine and has been a guest critic or speaker for the AIGA, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, MICA, NeoCon, NYU’s Integrated Technology Program and Sotheby’s Institute.

Paul is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Type Directors’ Club and is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He is a graduate from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

Architecture for Humanity
Brooklyn Historical Society
Center for Architecture/AIA NY
Center for Jewish History
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art
The Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
David Nosanchuk
FDR Four Freedoms Park Conservancy
Friends of the Israel Museum
Guggenheim Museum
Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, DC
Hudson River Powerhouse Group
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
The Jewish Museum
Lower East Side Ecology Center
Municipal Art Society
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Museum of the City of New York
National Association of City Transportation Officials
National Building Museum, Washington, DC
New York City Ballet
New York City Department of Design & Construction
New York City Department of Parks & Recreation
New York City Department of Transportation
New York Philharmonic
New York Public Library
Isamu Noguchi Museum
Parsons, The New School for Design
James Stewart Polshek
Princeton University
Prospect New Orleans / U.S. Biennial
Rafael Viñoly Architects
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
The Shapell Manuscript Foundation
Time Inc.
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