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Water Street thumb

Water Street Corridor
Street Graphics
New York, New York

New York City Department of

Broadway Boulevard Pilot thumbnail

Broadway Boulevard Pilot
Street Graphics
(Green Light for Midtown)
New York, New York

New York City Department of

Working with NYC DOT to implement street graphics along Broadway from 57th Street down to 32nd Street, Pure+Applied designed the project under several constraints, which included:
1) approximately three weeks of planning and review to design a temporary intervention that clearly transformed street surface into a pedestrian-friendly space;
2) staying within a modest graphics budget;
3) developing an abstract pattern that would not need repair if street repairs were made;
4) developing a simple application strategy to ensure speedy execution

by personnel usually tasked with fixing street cuts and applying thermoplast crosswalks; and
5) the surface paint used in the Times Square area had an SRI rating of 30+, which was LEED–compliant and reduced the heat-island effect and thus made sitting in the plazas more comfortable.

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Parking Muni-Meter thumbnail

New York City Muni-Meter
Graphic Overlay

New York, New York

Working with the NYC DOT Parking Division Pure+Applied designed an easy-to-follow set of parking meter instructions. Pure+Applied and the NYC DOT followed best practices instructions from other cities, developed a new set of icons, and user-tested the graphics with motorists before full-citywide implementation. The instructions formats had to work with existing parking meters as well as newly, installed parking meters.

South Street Seaport Museum Street Graphics thumbanil

South Street
Seaport Museum
Street Graphics

South Street Seaport Museum,
New York, NY

CJH Street Banner thumbnail

Street Banner at the
Center for Jewish History

Center for Jewish History

The Center has been applying a new design and aesthetic as it remodels portions of the interior of the building. Our involvement spans space planning and design of the new interiors, a proposed new entrance, as well as signage and wayfinding program.

CJH Street Banner